Company - Oxford Impressions is a small, family run rubber stamp company.  Our imagery is detail-oriented and primarily for a more sophisticated and experienced stamper. We currently wholesale our full rubber stamp collections only.

The Stamps -  Oxford Impressions rubber stamps are made at the time they are ordered from premium, traditional red rubber. All collections are approximately 8.5" x 11" and are sold in polybags with a delta-shaped hang hole. Each stamp collection has a printed copy with the images on the front and detailed instructions for use on the back. A minimum order is the equivalent of 8 unmounted collections - any variety.  The dollar value is $96.00 USD.

Pricing - Each collection retails for $24.00 USD and wholesales for $12.00 USD. Shipping is actual cost.

Shipping -  Oxford Impressions uses flat rate packaging through the US postal service.  Large domestic orders are sent via UPS unless otherwise requested. For international buyers, we can fit 8 collections or "plates" in each flat rate envelope for a shipping cost of $23.95 USD. Larger International orders will be shipped in boxes if it is more cost efficient. A large Flat Rate Box will hold 40 collections and cost $77.95 USD to ship to most countries. A medium flat rate box will hold 24 collections and costs $59.95 USD to ship to most countries. 

Ordering - Orders may be placed through our secure website.  The data is encrypted and our website host company handles the payment processing. Use coupon code: oivendor to get the wholesale price. The shop will accept payment of Visa or Mastercard only. The website shopping cart will only add a flat rate shipping that covers the cost of a minimum order.  Any additional shipping costs necessary will be calculated and the buyer notified before shipping.

Oxford Impressions will also accept manual transactions.  Email your order to or use the website order form. List the stamp collections requested and specify payment method. Oxford Impressions can send a PayPal request for payment or process a credit card payment manually. Do not email any credit card information.  We have a secure, encrypted service one can link to in order to transmit that data safely.  We will be happy to keep any credit card information on file at the customer's request.

Restrictions - Oxford Impressions rubber stamps are to be sold as full collections only.  They are not to be sold as singles, or mounted stamps. Each collection must be sold with the accompanying printed copy which contains our copyright and legal notices. Oxford Impressions rubber stamps are intended to be sold through your brick and mortar store, or through your official store website.  They may NOT be included for sale in any on-line auction or discount site.

Sales Data - Oxford Impressions currently has approximately 65 collections available for sale. Ninety percent of our sales come from collections created within the past 2 to 3 years. Our oldest stamp collections are more than a decade old and we would prefer stores to not attempt to stock these items. While these collections are still available for purchase, we find they are rarely ordered.  Oxford Impressions will be happy to share any data or buying trends available.  We include the top 5 sellers in each newsletter with each new release, but can provide information or guidance upon request.

Please let me know if you have any questions!