Austen Gallery is a small, family run business located in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville has a rich cultural history based around music and art.

Austen Gallery is the official home of Oxford Impressions rubber stamps.

Contact us at: suzanne@austengallery.com


Our Store

Austen Gallery processes credit cards through a secure, encrypted interface. We accept both Visa and Mastercard payments. Wishing to pay with Paypal?  Fill out the on-line order form and send it to us by email or fax. Austen Gallery will send a Paypal request for payment.  Austen Gallery also accepts orders by mail.  We will accept money orders and can manually process Visa or Mastercard payments. No personal checks, please. Click here for a link to our order form.

Rubber Stamp Angel Policy

The intent of our policy is thus: We want artists to be able to buy our stamps and use them to create items for sale - as long as the items are stamped by hand. There is no limit to how many times they can be used. Artists are not required to acknowledge us in any way. The created art can be displayed on the internet at will. HOWEVER, the stamped image must be incorporated in YOUR art. You may not stamp off a quantity of an image on plain paper, and then sell (or give away) the copies as collage elements. That would be you selling MY work and preventing me from selling my stamps to all those who would therefore circumvent purchasing them from me. So, as long as you are selling your own art and not just repackaging my images, that is great! If you can make money stamping, I am thrilled for you!

There are certain limitations on HOW the images are used. There is no digital or mechanical reproduction of our images allowed. You may NOT turn our rubber stamped image into digital files for sale or personal use. The images may not be incorporated into a larger work and reproduced.  For example, artists cannot use our stamps to create a collage and then have the collage printed over and over on t-shirts and calendars. Artists cannot use our images to create collage sheets for sale - digital or color copied. You may not mass produce these designs or create goods for manufacture. Our designs may not be used to create items for sale on Zazzle, Cafepress, or similar websites. 

Furthermore, our images cannot be used to represent business activities. You may not use our designs to create business cards, post cards, icons, banners, headers or logos for web-design purposes. The images should not ever be confused as "belonging to " or "representing" a third party. Oxford Impressions retains all rights to our images.

Digital Download terms of use - Please Read Prior to Purchase.

The copyright of this art does not transfer with purchase. You may use Oxford Impressions digital designs in PRINTED FORM in your handmade, non-digital, original works of art. The FINISHED items you have created may be sold to other individuals. However, you may not incorporate any part of this collage sheet into digital items for sale. You may not mass produce these designs or create goods for manufacture. Our designs may not be used to create items for sale on Zazzle, Cafepress, or similar websites. You may not use our designs to create icons, banners, headers or logos for web-design purposes. You may not post the unaltered files on a website, blog or commercial site for either display or photo sharing. (You may photograph and post your finished, altered work.) You may not give away or share the files.  Please refer any interested parties to our website for purchase.

Wholesale and Resale

Oxford Impressions Rubber Stamps has a few, select retail partners.  If interested in developing a wholesale relationship click here for more information.

Oxford Impressions rubber stamps are sold unmounted for the convenience of our customers.  They are not intended for resale.  Oxford Impressions EXPRESSLY PROHIBITS the mounting of our rubber stamps for resale. Only authorized Oxford Impressions retailers have the rights to resell our rubber stamps and they must follow the strict guidelines set forth by Oxford Impressions. This includes the prohibition of mounting our rubber stamps for sale. By purchasing Oxford Impressions rubber stamps, you are buying the physical stamp, not the rights to the image.  Oxford Impressions retains all rights to our images. They may not be reproduced in any manner. (See Angel Policy)

Publication Reward

Oxford Impressions rewards publication in select national Magazines with FREE rubber stamps! Oxford Impressions images must be the primary focus of the Art and Oxford Impressions images must be properly credited in print. We offer one free stamp plate per issue, not per submission. Eligible Magazines include: The Rubber Stamper, Cloth Paper Scissors, Altered Art, Somerset Studio, Stamper's Sampler, Legacy, as well as all Stampington special publications. If your properly credited art appears in a magazine not listed, please contact us with the details to see if you are eligible for a special gift.